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March 08, 2014 - Amanda ~ Travis

How They Met

On March 18th in 2011, Travis swept Amanda right off the catwalk. See, Travis's sister and Amanda's friend were both organizers of a fundraising fashion show being held at ESU by the Sociology department. Travis was invited and Amanda happened to be one of the models. A couple days before the event, Travis accepted his invitation via Facebook. That is where he laid eyes on Amanda for the first time. After traveling all 50 states, he came back home ready to find the girl of his dreams, settle down and start a family. He looked at her Facebook profile photo and felt like he had to meet her. So, he sent a friend request and waited. That night, Amanda noticed a new friend request on Facebook. Not knowing who the stranger was, she clicked on the profile and started to view his photo albums. She was jealous yet intrigued of this stranger's many travels and adventures, something she always dreamed of and longed for. A few months earlier, Amanda had just come from an upsetting relationship and was learning about herself and what she wanted out of life. Believing everything happens for a reason, Amanda accepted Travis's friend request and sent him a message. Now Amanda and Travis were both nervous to know they would meet in person for the first time at the fashion show. Travis tried his best to stand out in the crowd by wearing his best western gear complete with his iconic cowboy hat, boots and buckle. Amanda noticed him right away. Travis called Amanda's name as she walked down the aisle and she managed to squeak out a nervous "Hi." After the show, they went out to Marita's for dinner and hit it off immediately. That night Amanda and Travis began their journey towards everlasting love!

The Proposal

It was a total surprise! Travis had planned out the perfect night. He would take her country line dancing at their favorite spot, Colorado Cafe, he would sing her a song in front of everyone on the dance floor, and at a certain spot in the song he would take the ring out of his pocket and propose. The day before July 7th, 2013, Amanda had twisted her ankle. So, as you can imagine she wasn't up for dancing. However, with Travis's persistence she decided to go. After ordering some drinks and finding a table, Amanda noticed Travis was spending a lot of time with the DJ but didn't think too much of it since Travis can be quite the social butterfly. Once Travis started back toward the table, "Ain't That Love", by Kenny Chesney, began to play. Travis grabbed Amanda's hand and walked her to the dance floor and began to sing the song. At the moment in the song where Kenny sings "I'll keep every promise to you with this band of gold," Travis pulled the ring out of his pocket and showed it to Amanda. Amanda was filled with so much happiness; she began to tear up shaking her head "yes!" The crowd went in awe realizing that a proposal was taking place. It was truly a magical moment!

The Details

    Ceremony: Split Rock Resort - The Lodge, Lake Harmony, PA
    Reception: Split Rock Resort - The Galleria, Lake Harmony, PA
    Caterer: Split Rock Resort, Lake Harmony, PA
    Colors/Theme: Travel Vintage
    Bakery: Village Bake Shoppe, Allentown, PA
    Bridal Shop: David's Bridal, Allentown, PA
    Formal Wear: Lesh's Leather, Stroudsburg, PA
    Music: DJ Dino, Stroudsburg, PA
    Florist: DIY
    Photographer: Blessed Image Photography, Lancaster, PA


Natasha Price of Slatington

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